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    English for foreigners

    · Learning English in the fastest, most effective way;

    · Learn English with a native teacher;

    · Common vocabulary and topics, with higher fluency in a wide variety of situations;

    · Learning English speaking correctly through the simple and understandable lessons;

    · Practice literacy skills from basic to advanced;

    · In particular, there are programs specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals, organizations or businesses.

    Hotline: 0902-699 360 (English)

    0902-688 360 (한국어)

    0906-388 360 (日本語)

    0906-308 360 (中文)

    Phu My Hung Center : No.R4-36 Hung Gia V Residence, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, HCMC

    Binh Duong Branch: C1-11,TC3St, My Phuoc II Industrial Zone , Ben Cat , Binh Duong .

    Telephone: 08-54105761 || 0650-3814 808 Fax: 08-54105760 || 0650-3814 809

    Email: Skype: Practical Language Center

    Facebook: Practical Language Center

    Bình Luận Bằng Facebook

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